Did you ever think about just doing a quick restart in your life? Letting go of what is not serving you anymore, leaving old patterns behind, saying goodbye to people that are no longer part of your way?

We all did,  didn’t we?

If we would assume that it was actually possible for us to let some things go and just move on, what is possibly getting in the way very often, during our all-day-life?

We are busy, our focus is on the outside, the surviving mode, the fear or on other things..It’s not as easy as it sounds to change everything with a finger snapping, right? 

So while a new morning sun is coming through my window, I just know we first have to use our consciousness to be aware about what’s going on in our present life-in the present moment. We have to notice in specific moments that something is not fitting into our life anymore. Over 90% of our daily thinking is happening in the subconsciousness, so we are not aware of our patterns and routines that give us a secured feeling. If we train to become more aware of our actions, we can step-by-step change that habit into something new.

What about traumatic experiences and situations in the past that are still influencing your actions in your present life?

Well this is something that’s taking a bit more than just your awareness. It’s including shadow work,  the permission to feel everything that you have eliminated. It’s also asking you to forgive others and yourself, it’s including your permission to open up to life again. 

This is a process. This process has its own time. The most important thing is to allow yourself to take your time to do this and also to allow to fall down and get back up again, to loose the fight against your demons and come back as a real hero with new energy.

I hope this little chapter helped you to get into a first thinking process of your own way of life. Leave me a comment if it helped you. Stay tuned for more chapters like this one.


Norina 🙂

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